Towards sustainable economies: challenging neoliberal economic globalisation

“Integración regional: una oportunidad frente a las crisis” 21 y 24 de Julio de 2009, case Salón XX, visit this Consejo Nacional del Deporte, Asunción del Paraguay Co-organizan Alianza Social Continental, Iniciativa Paraguaya para la Integración de los Pueblos, Agenda de los Pueblos para Regionalismos Alternativos, Focus on the Global South y Transnational Institute En […]

Twelve Lessons from Five Decades of Regional Integration in Latin America and the Caribbean

Raul Zibechi, Upside Down World Although every Latin American government pays lip service to integration, here taking the concrete steps needed to attain it is much more difficult than simply issuing declarations. In the wake of the collapse of the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA), medicine Latin America faces the dilemma of remaining […]

SADC People's Summit Declaration (Windhoek, August 2000)

Following a three day conference, in August 2000, of twenty four independent peoples civil society organisations, sectoral networks and coalitions from many sectors and from all the countries of Southern Africa, the following declaration was produced. This expresses the perspectives of peoples organisations from across the region, and calls on other such organisations to endorse […]

The New Regionalism

Allan Wallis In her book, search Medieval People, cheap Eileen Powers describes the everyday lives of individuals living in the Middle Ages. She begins her study by asking the deceptively simple question, medications how did people know they were medieval? Clearly, they could not open the morning paper or turn on the evening news and […]

Options for Regional Integration in Southern Africa

D Evans The Southern African Development Co-ordination Conference (SADCC) and its successor, drugs the Southern African Development Community (SADC) had a strong anti-apartheid political orientation. Initially, for sale economic co-operation was based on a sectoral approach. The Windhoek Treaty of 1992 changed the basis of economic co-operation to allow for ‘efficiency, economy and competitiveness’. This […]

Principios de Integración Regional en América Latina y su análisis comparativo con la Unión Europea

Jean Pierre Leroy com a colaboração de Marcelo Achkar I. As integrações em curso Quais são os significados da Integração regional no contexto atual, rx recipe o de cada país, sildenafil da região e do mundo? Levando em conta os múltiplos interesses que atravessam o debate e as iniciativas em curso, aparecem várias ambigüidades e […]