India, China, Asean: The economic enigma — Interview with Dr Mukul Asher, Professor, National University, Singapore

J. Srinivasan The coming century is supposed to be that of Asia, with China virtually a superpower-in-waiting. Japan may be eclipsed but surely the sun has not set there. The Tigers of South-East Asia are beginning to roar. And the Indian elephant is beginning to stir. These countries are also beginning to engage one another […]

Globalization, Regionalism and Social Policy

Shaun Breslina and Richard Higgottb This paper places the contemporary study of regionalism in historical context. It argues that the study of regionalism has occurred in two waves. The first gathered pace as a sub-field of International Relations from the late 1950s and the second emerged in the context of the globalisation of the late […]

HSA: Alternatives for the Americas

This document addresses the major topics on the official agenda of current trade negotiations (investment, rx finance, treat intellectual property rights, agriculture, market access, services, and dispute resolution), as well as issues that are of extreme social importance but which governments have ignored (human rights, sustainability, environment, labor, immigration, the role of the state, and […]