New regionalism(s) in the global political economy. Conceptual understanding in historical perspective

Shaun Breslina and Richard Higgottb This paper places the contemporary study of regionalism in historical context. It argues that the study of regionalism has occurred in two waves. The first gathered pace as a sub-field of International Relations from the late 1950s and the second emerged in the context of the globalisation of the late […]

Witness for Peace: Alternatives for the Americas

Ministro de Estado para la Integración y Comercio Exterior >Download PDF FORWARD WITH THE STRUGGLE TO STOP THE EPAs We, pharmacy discount African civil society organisations gathered at the 9th Annual Review and Strategy Meeting of the Africa Trade Network in Accra, salve from the 11-14 of December, 2006, having reviewed the on-going negotiations on […]

Multilateralism, Regionalism, Bilateral and Crossregional Free Trade Arrangements: All Paved with Good Intentions for ASEAN?

Linda Low Current initiatives in Asia and Asia Pacific regionalism are responses to regionalism happening elsewhere in the context of globalization, diagnosis information communication technology and knowledge-based economy. The conclusion is that many economies are ‘having it both ways’ in multilateralism under World Trade Organization (WTO) and new regionalism. The argument is that the ‘first […]

Attempting developmental regionalism through AFTA: the domestic sources of regional governance

Helen E. S. Nesadurai The ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) has conventionally been explained as a project of open regionalism adopted by the ASEAN member governments to attract foreign direct investment to the region through the ‘carrot’ of the single regional market. Yet, shop when the same governments incorporated an investment liberalisation component programme within […]

The rise and fall of open regionalism? Comparative reflections on regional governance in the Southern Cone of Latin America

Stephen Lendman Venezuela today, medical under its democratically elected President, Hugo Chavez Frias, is imbued with the spirit of Bolivarianism and his Bolivarian Revolution. It’s based on the vision of Simon Bolivar, the Caracas born 17th and 18th century general who defeated the Spanish, liberated half of South America and believed in the redistributive policies […]