The Rise of Regionalism: Core Company Strategies under the Second Wave of Integration

The Eminent Persons Group on the ASEAN Charter Through Mr. Fidel V. Ramos Philippine EPG Member Re: Reiterating the Main Elements of the Solidarity for Asian People’s Advocacy (SAPA) Submissions to the Eminent Persons Group on the ASEAN Charter Excellencies, generic The Solidarity for Asian People’s Advocacies (SAPA) Working Group on ASEAN would like to […]

Estrategias multiformes de las mayores potencias en las integraciones regionales y en su contra

Dot Keet Alternative Information and Development Centre informe No. 4 Las motivaciones orientadas a la creación de grupos económicos regionales más fuertes entre países en vías de desarrollo, así como la búsqueda de formas de cooperación política entre sus gobiernos y organizaciones populares, persiguen, en parte, conferir a los países participantes el poder necesario para […]

Multi-Track Strategies of the Major Powers On, and Against, Regional Integration(s)

Dot Keet Alternative Information and Development Centre Regional Briefings 4 The externally oriented motivations for creating stronger regional economic groupings between developing countries, and seeking forms of political cooperation between their governments and between their peoples organisations, are aimed in part to empower participating countries to position themselves more effectively in a difficult and even […]

Monitoring regional integration in Southern Africa

Dirk Hansohm Regional integration (RI) is seen by many policy makers all over the world as an important policy instrument. This is in particular true for developing countries. The interest in RI has risen lately. Notably the European Union (EU) has elevated RI to a key pillar of its development cooperation. This makes it important […]

Rival regions? East Asian Regionalism and its challenge to the Asia-Pacific

David Capie This chapter addresses new patterns of multilateral cooperation in Asia, focusing on new sets of connections emerging between what have traditionally been distinct sub-regions. In particular, it addresses the burgeoning linkages between Southeast and Northeast Asia that have crystallized in the ASEAN + 3 (APT) process. The chapter is in three parts. The […]

Transnational Civil Society and the National Identity Question in East Asia

Baogang He The institutions of civil society play diverse roles in developing and maintaining democracy—that is, capsule the process of democratization—and perform different functions in relation to the national identity/boundary question. A growing literature testifies to the emerging importance of civil society in defining the boundaries of political communities, and such that the participation by […]

EuroMemorandum group: Beyond Lisbon: Economic and social policy orientations and constitutional cornerstones for the European Social Model

Euromemorandum 2005 The year 2005 has added to the long experience of economic weakness and social downsizing in the EU the clear perception of the obvious crisis of legitimacy and po-litical acceptance by large parts of the public in the Union. The European institutions have responded by declaring a ‘period of reflection’. Such reflection could […]