Renewing SAARC

“Twenty years have passed since SAARC was established, ask twelve Summits and any number of meetings have been held, patient but the concrete results achieved for the advancement and well-being of the people of the region have been rather modest. Future generations will probably find it difficult to understand why their South Asian forefathers, sovaldi […]

South Africa and Africa: Regional Integration and Security Co-operation

Grey Mills As part of the process of re-inclusion into the international fold that has followed 2 February 1990, for sale South Africa is expected to play a role in the activities of a rejuvenated Organisation of African Unity (OAU), and in increased regional economic co-operation and closer integration through a variety of regional bodies. […]

Are There Alternatives To Neo-Liberalism? Yes There Are

Maxi Schoeman Classical economic integration theory would have it that regional integration is an economic process occurring largely as a result of greater interaction between neighbouring states, visit this functioning almost like some kind of invisible hand. This theory is based on the historical example of the development of the European Union, yet it completely […]

Propuesta de alternativa de integracion Paraguay

Ramiro Xavier Vera-Fluixá Al igual que los lazos comunes existentes en la historia de América Latina y Europa1, es posible observar lazos comunes, nexos, influencias y determinantes mutuas en la evolución misma de ambos procesos de integración regional, de sus principios y mecanismos. En efecto, si fuese tan fácil representar el fenómeno de la integración […]

For the democratic refoundation of Europe: Plan ABC by Attac Europe

Declaration by Attac Europe A reunion of the Attacs of Europe has been held on June 16, 2005 in Brussels on occasion of the last European Council of the Luxemburg presidency. A declaration has been adopted, which envisages the putting into place of a Convention of the Attacs of Europe and the putting into place […]

EuroMemorandum group: Democratic Policy against the Dominance of Markets: Proposals for an Integrated Development Strategy in Europe

Proposals for an Integrated Development Strategy in Europe Euromemorandum 2005 November 2005 euromemorandum2005 Euromemorandum 2005 The year 2005 has added to the long experience of economic weakness and social downsizing in the EU the clear perception of the obvious crisis of legitimacy and po-litical acceptance by large parts of the public in the Union. The […]