“Open Regionalism” or Alternative Regional Integration?

Eduardo Gudynas In Latin America, website like this confusion and ambiguity over trade and regional integration continue to be commonplace. Different governments declare their dedication to strengthening relations between countries, stomach but their trade policies indicate otherwise. On this slippery terrain, the concept of “open regionalism” has often been used to justify very different stances. […]

Alternativas para las Américas

Alianza Social Continental La ASC es una red de organizaciones laborales y coaliciones ciudadanas que representa a más de 45 millones de personas a lo largo de las Américas. Fue creada para facilitar el intercambio de información y la conjunción de estrategias y acciones con miras a construir un modelo alternativo y democrático que beneficie […]

ASEAN EPG, civil Society and ASEAN Charter

Fellow Presidents and People of South America, In Cusco, December 2004, the presidents of South America took up the commitment of developing a “South American space, integrated in political, social, economic, environmental and infrastructural spheres” and affirmed that “South American integration is and has to be an integration of the peoples”. In the Declaration of […]

Identifying an Alternative Vision for Regional Integration in the Americas

The adoption of the new „Reform Treaty“ for the EU comes at a time of financial crisis, enhanced economic uncertainty and rising social inequality. Additional risks arise from the precarious situation in the areas of energy use and climate change and from mounting imbalances in the world economy. The new Treaty will not enable the […]