Report: International Conference on Peace and Justice in South Asia

“Twenty years have passed since SAARC was established, twelve Summits and any number of meetings have been held, doctor but the concrete results achieved for the advancement and well-being of the people of the region have been rather modest. Future generations will probably find it difficult to understand why their South Asian forefathers, constituting more […]

Regional Integration, social inequalities and new policy spaces

Mr. Pierre Sané, ampoule Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences Speech at the opening ceremony on the Symposium ‘Social dimensions of regional integration’, UNESCO, view MERCOSUR, GASPP and UNU-CRIS, Montevideo (Uruguay) – 21 to 23 February 2006 >Download the speech (PDF)

A social charter for the ASEAN? Deepening integration by regionalizing labor solidarity and social standards

Jenina Joy Chavez?, more about Focus on the Global South The number of migrant labor in the ASEAN, predominant in low-skilled work and many of whom are undocumented, reaches two-three million workers in the big receiving countries of Thailand and Malaysia alone. Increased FDI flows are also associated with greater movements of professional and skilled […]