ALBA Venezuela’s answer to “free trade”: the Bolivarian alternative for the Americas

By Thomas Wallgren * Presentation given at International Conference of governments and social movements “Regional Integration: an opportunity to face the crises” (21 and 22 July 2009, Asunción del Paraguay) Because of systemic constraints in the so called leading nations we cannot wait for the Obamas and even Lulas of the world to show the […]

Proposal from President Evo Morales: Let's construct with our people a real South American community of nations in order to live well

Fellow Presidents and People of South America, In Cusco, December 2004, the presidents of South America took up the commitment of developing a “South American space, integrated in political, social, economic, environmental and infrastructural spheres” and affirmed that “South American integration is and has to be an integration of the peoples”. In the Declaration of […]