Democratic Alternatives to Poverty and Precariousness in Europe: Full Employment with Good Work, Strong Public Services, and International Cooperation

The adoption of the new „Reform Treaty“ for the EU comes at a time of financial crisis, enhanced economic uncertainty and rising social inequality. Additional risks arise from the precarious situation in the areas of energy use and climate change and from mounting imbalances in the world economy. The new Treaty will not enable the […]

El ALBA – Un nuevo Amanecer?

Manuel Alberto Ramy – Progreso Weekly There are some human, price social and political events that go beyond the necessary, temporary conventions. They are not left behind after the last stroke of the midnight bell on Dec. 31; because of their importance, they refuse to become the past, to become dead events. Furthermore, they burst […]

Que integração regional?

Jean Pierre Leroy com a colaboração de Marcelo Achkar I. As integrações em curso Quais são os significados da Integração regional no contexto atual, rx recipe o de cada país, da região e do mundo? Levando em conta os múltiplos interesses que atravessam o debate e as iniciativas em curso, aparecem várias ambigüidades e contradições […]

ALBA: Justice in deeds

Teresa Arreaza The ALBA (Alternativa Bolivariana para las Américas), as its Spanish initials indicate, and is a proposed alternative to the U.S.-sponsored Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA, ALCA in its Spanish initials), differing from the latter in that it advocates a socially-oriented trade block rather than one strictly based on the logic of […]

ANSA: The Search for Sustainable Human Development in Southern Africa

VII Social Summit for Latin American and Caribbean Unity By Noam Chomsky During the past decade, Latin America has become the most exciting region of the world. The dynamic has very largely flowed from right where you are meeting, cheap in Caracas, with the election of a leftist president dedicated to using Venezuela’s rich resources for […]