Teoria y practica de la integracion regional: apuntes para un analisis comparado de los procesos europeo y latinoamericano desde un enfoque regulacionista

Brid Brennan and Cecilia Olivet A profound process of de-legitimation of the structures and key institutions of the current neoliberal model of economic globalization has marked the last years of the 20th century and the beginning of the new millennium. Parallel with this, pilule we have also witnessed the intense search for alternatives, information pills […]

Regionalisms Futures: The Challenges for Civil Society

Shaun Breslina and Richard Higgottb This paper places the contemporary study of regionalism in historical context. It argues that the study of regionalism has occurred in two waves. The first gathered pace as a sub-field of International Relations from the late 1950s and the second emerged in the context of the globalisation of the late […]

Alternative Regionalisms: Why and How?

International Metalworkers’ Federation Development of an alternative economic program has been a major priority for the IMF and its affiliates under the 2001-2005 Action Program. The topic has been discussed thoroughly at many IMF meetings at the world, regional and sectoral level with the aim of clarifying and defining exactly what an alternative economic program […]

Alternative Regional Strategies in Africa

Dot Keet African social movements have long been accustomed to hearing constant references by their governments to the importance of African unity and cooperation. The African Union is the most recent practical expression of this. However, in contrast to the earlier regional development modalities, shop as expressed in the Lagos Plan of Action (1980) and […]

Llamado a los poderes públicos de Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay, Uruguay y Venezuela

  We, order the working women and men of the Americas and the Caribbean, here united as brothers and sisters in the Inter-American Regional Workers’ Organization (ORIT), about it the Andean Labour Consultative Council (CCLA), the Caribbean Congress of Labour (CCL), the Central America and Caribbean Union Coordination (CCSCAC), the Southern Cone Union Coordination (CCSCS) […]

Bank of the South: Toward Financial Autonomy

Raúl Zibechi The launch of the Bank of the South is an ambitious and strategic gambit in regional integration, check one that could result in a truly regional development bank. Despite Brazilian concerns, this new institution is ready to be launched. “Positive,” Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Laureate in Economics, concluded in a recent speech to the […]

Labour and Development: What can be Learned from the Nordic Model?

Asbjørn Wahl This article examines the welfare state as it developed over the last half century, ed particularly in Scandinavian countries. The author argues that, rather than being part of a general road to development, it was the result of a very specific historic development in the twentieth century which cannot be replicated. The welfare […]