Euromemorandum Group: Democratic transformation of European finance, a full employment regime, and ecological restructoring – Alternatives to finance-driven capitalism

Aug 16 2009 Jason Tockman The first time Mario Terán faced a doctor from Cuba, he killed him. He heard Che Guevara utter his famous last words: “Shoot, coward; you are only going to kill a man,” and in October of 1967, in a small schoolhouse in rural Bolivia, Sergeant Terán fired a round of […]

Flexicurity in Europe:  12 hypotheses for labour law in the 21stcentury

Document on the flexisecurity, approved prepared by some Italian people (Guglielmi, Bronzini, after a discussion in which Berlinguer, Russo et alii took part). The document is a contribution to the preparation of the activities in  Malmoe.  We ask everyone  who is interested in the issue to send contributions, amendements, proposals in order to cooperate in the […]

Anuario de la Integración Regional de América Latina y el Gran Caribe (2008-2009)

Emir Sader When Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez launched the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (Spanish acronym ALBA [1]) back in December 2004, such an initiative seemed to be the institutional framework for the agreements Cuba and Venezuela were then developing. It represented a great example of fair trade the World Social Forum had been […]