Workshop "Emerging crises: De-globalisation? Opportunities and challenges for regional alternatives" (WSF, Belem)

When the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) announced that it will embark on a process of building a Charter to formalize its agreements and establish its legal framework, civil society groups paid attention. While ASEAN has been generally inaccessible and non-transparent, national and regional CSOs and social movements saw the strategic value of engaging […]

Seminario: "Crisis Emergentes: Deglobalizacion? Oportunidades y desafios para alternativas regionales (FSM, Belem)

Workshop organised during World Social Forum in Belem 31 January 2009 Introduction The global financial system is unravelling at great speed. This is happening in the midst of a multiplicity of interlinked crises in relation to food, climate change and energy arising from the workings of the currently dominant global neo-liberal model. The failure of […]

Financing and mega projects: An interpretation of the regional South American dynamic

Adhemar S. Mineiro e Clarisse Castro Introdução A percepção do processo de integração representado pelo Mercosul não pode ser vista como uniforme do ponto de vista dos movimentos sociais brasileiros. De fato, pharmacy ao longo do período que vai da segunda metade dos anos 80 até a metade da primeira década deste novo século, dependendo […]