Americas Program Report: A New Financial Architecture for Latin America, Part 1

South American Nations Agree on Technical Rules for Bank of the South by Tony Phillips Seven Latin American Finance Ministers have agreed on the basis for establishing the Bank of the South. The motivation for forming the new development bank is based on the belief that keeping Latin America’s precious reserves at home—to loan to […]

ALBA: Propuestas para el Nuevo Orden Social, Económico y Cultural

Alejandro Bendana* If the goal is development — best defined as sovereign democratic social transformation — then we must not speak of making the present “aid” modalities more effective, but of substituting present day aid and the system in which it unfolds. One begins by questioning the very nature of the larger international financial architecture, […]

African Trade Agenda

Maxi Schoeman Classical economic integration theory would have it that regional integration is an economic process occurring largely as a result of greater interaction between neighbouring states, visit this functioning almost like some kind of invisible hand. This theory is based on the historical example of the development of the European Union, yet it completely […]