ALBA, 5 años de construcción de una propuesta de integración regional solidaria para América Latina

La etapa que vivimos ha estado marcada por la profundización de los acuerdos de integración y la proliferación de los acuerdos de libre comercio, que con diversos matices y a diferentes ritmos, see se ha dado a nivel mundial, continental, regional y subregional, con acuerdos tanto bilaterales, multilaterales o plurilaterales. Un hecho muy importante, es […]

CALL TO ACTION: Regulate Global Finance Now!

“Forum Social Europe – European Network of Trade Unionists” (FSE) met in Brussels on 9-10 June to discuss the political and social consequences of the economic crisis in Europe and the need for trade unions and other social forces to respond. The meeting heard reports from a number of countries, among them Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, […]

Statement of the “Forum Social Europe–European Network of Trade Unionists”

Covernote of the “European Food declaration” We are a broad range of organisations -see list in “who are we”- – who are concerned with the future of food and agriculture in Europe. As in other regions in the world, approved the number of people and organizations that are working towards a fairer, more inclusive and […]