The European Citizens' Initiative – a far cry from participatory democracy

By Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) The European Parliament will this week approve the final deal on the European Citizens Initiative (ECI), which obliges the European Commission to consider proposals supported by the signatures of one million Europeans. The final deal is a compromise between the Commission and Council, who insisted on administrative hurdles that would […]

Agenda for a social Europe (Party of the European Left)

Joint Action Platform for resistance and alternatives in Europe Political Action Programme of the Party of the European Left 2011-2013 Motion of the EL-ExBoard to the EL 3rd Congress Paris December 3-5, try 2010 DOWNLOAD FULL DOCUMENT The 3rd Congress of the European Left is taking place as more and more unbearable sacrifices are imposed […]

Building Community through Information Access: Towards an ASEAN Protocol on Freedom of Information

By Focus on the Global South-Philippines Bangkok – As ASEAN advances towards its goal of becoming an economic community in 2015, it has to confront urgent issues relating to the people’s right to information, trade and economic agreements, and the environmental concerns resulting from this integration into the regional and global economy. Regional and national […]