Another road for Europe: Forum at the European Parliament

Europe is in crisis because it has been hijacked by neoliberalism and finance. In the last twenty years – with a persistent democratic deficit – the meaning of the European Union has increasingly been reduced to a narrow view of the single market and the single currency, dosage leading to liberalisations and speculative bubbles, loss […]

ASEAN Civil Society Conference (ACSC)/ASEAN Peoples’ Forum (APF) (29‐31 March, 2012 – Cambodia)

A compilation of articles on the Left Debate on the euro-crisis Articles by Asbjørn Wahl Mark Weisbrot Yanis Varoufakis Michel Husson Costas Lapavitsas Özlem Onaran Download compilation As stated by ATTAC “the present form of the European Union is a serious obstacle to democratic achievements, fundamental rights, cheap social security, pharmacy gender justice, and environmental […]

European Conference Austerity, Debt, Social Destruction in Europe: Stop! (May 2011, European Parliament)

The euro crisis has become the occasion to set up a neoliberal “economic governance” which will impose austerity measures in the different European countries for the next years. At the same time, the European Commission will be given enormous power to implement burdensome financial sanctions on countries which do not adopt such painful measures. European […]

ASEAN Civil Society Conference/ ASEAN People’s Forum (ACSC/APF) 3-5 May 2011, Indonesia

Event website: INTRODUCTION After being in its existence since 1967, symptoms ASEAN now is in the critical juncture of living and working in a fast changing regional and international environment. The increased reputation of ASEAN has invited great political and economic powers such as China, Japan, generic India and United States, to establish regional […]

Seminar "Envisioning New South Asia: People’s Perspectives" (18-19 Jan 2011, Dhaka, Bangladesh)

For more information on People’s SAARC: PSAARC Seminar ? Dhaka, Bangladesh ? January 18-19, 2011 Envisioning New South Asia: People’s Perspectives Regional Integration as a Response to Hegemony and the Crisis Jenina Joy Chavez ? Focus on the Global South Good morning. It is an honor to participate in the People’s SAARC Seminar, and […]

Sixth ASEAN People’s Forum (APF6) Vietnam

Intervención de Pedro Páez (viernes 29 de febrero 2008) explicando las bases de la Nueva Arquitectura Financiera Regional propuesta para America Latina. PARTE 1 PARTE 2 Intervención de Pedro Páez (viernes 29 de febrero 2008) explicando las bases de la Nueva Arquitectura Financiera Regional propuesta para America Latina. Pedro Páez Pérez, actualmente se desempeña como […]

Asean People's Forum (APF) Economic Pillar Plenary Report: "Deconstructing the ASEAN Economic Ambition, A Conversation among Advocates, Analysts and Activists"

The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) vision talks about a stable, check prosperous, try and highly competitive region, with equitable economic development, and reduced poverty and economic disparities. Its goal is to hasten complete liberalization and opening up of the regional economy by 2015. However, this framework of a competitive market economy which mainly benefits MNCs/TNCs […]

Advancing a Peoples’ ASEAN: Continuing Dialogue (18-20 October 2009 Cha-am, Thailand)

Regional infrastructure, policy harmonization and increasing cross-border investment and labour mobility will help Africa benefit fully from economic opportunities provided by regional integration The global economic crisis, which has reached the African continent, requires the re-examination of existing approaches to international development. One important response for Africa is deeper regional integration, which would address the […]

ASEAN Peoples' Forum-4th ASEAN Civil Society Conference (Bangkok)

Vea las fotos de la Conferencia Internacional de gobiernos y movimientos sociales “Integración regional: una oportunidad frente a las crisis” (Paraguay, ask 21 y 22 Julio 2009). Organizada por Alianza Social Continental, Iniciativa Paraguaya para la Integración de los Pueblos, Agenda de los Pueblos para Regionalismos Alternativos, Focus on the Global South y Transnational Institute […]