ASEAN’s road to nowhere? Subverting standards within the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration

by Mark Weisbrot, treatment December 2011 Although most Americans have not heard about it, a historic step [] towards changing this hemisphere was taken three weeks ago.  A new organization for the region was formed, and everyone was invited except the U.S. and Canada. The new organization is called the Community of Latin American and […]

ASEAN Framework Instrument is a must for the protection of the rights of migrant workers

Global crises, rx regional solutions Perspectives from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe Can regional integration offer a way out of the current economic, climate, food and energy crises? In this video documentary, activists from across the globe* argue that regional integration is the only viable response to these crises.  CHAPTERS 1 – Why are […]

Constructive Engagement – Building a People-Oriented Community

Agriculture ministers of all the eight Saarc countries will meet in Dhaka on Wednesday to form Saarc Seed Bank and expedite making the Saarc Seed Bank functional. Officials involved in preparations for the meeting told The Daily Star yesterday the proposed structure of the seed bank has been finalised, and it will be mooted at […]

Why should We be the South Asian?

The preparations for the 17th SAARC Summit hosted by Maldives, malady scheduled to be held in Addu Atoll on November 10-11 this year. Amid depression, remedy this could be hopeful news for South Asian countries. Targeting for a meaningful summit, leaders’ of SAARC countries recently conducted several meetings and discussed on different agendas like seed […]

SAARC Food Bank: Will It Be Enough Broad Based

South Asia, remedy patient recipe home to one-sixth of humanity, find has established the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) consists of eight countries (Afghanistan, case Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka) and nine countries (Australia, China, European Union, Iran, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mauritius, Myanmar, USA) having observer status, to […]

Promoting SDGs for Eradicating Poverty of South Asia

In 1983 the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) was established with 7 member states. During the 13th summit held in 2005 Afghanistan became the eighth member of this regional body. SAARC started its journey with the main them as the regional development and the main goals of were, 1) Welfare of 150 crore […]

Make South Asia Visa Free and Poverty Free

This is a brief paper to promote our knowledge and some key specific demand from people’s perspective, but we feel these should be further elaborated with the participation of South Asian activists. It is now for South Asians to provide knowledge on what are already exist challenges of sustainable development in South Asia, online what […]

Climate Change, Actions in South Asia and SAARC: Some Issues for People Agenda

Did fiscal irresponsibility cause the EU crisis? Are European institutions democratically accountable? Is the European Commission politically neutral? Check out TNI’s debates with a representative of the European Commission. Read the full article here. From Maastricht to the Fiscal Treaty. An interview with Susan George: “We are punishing the innocent, hospital the people who are supposed to […]