Another road for Europe: the Appeal

Europe is in crisis because it has been hijacked by neoliberalism and finance. In the last twenty years – with a persistent democratic deficit – the meaning of the European Union has increasingly been reduced to a narrow view of the single market and the single currency, leading to liberalisations and speculative bubbles, loss of […]

Action: Say no to the attack on social and democratic rights in Europe!

The euro crisis has become the occasion to set up a neoliberal “economic governance” which will impose austerity measures in the different European countries for the next years. At the same time, here the European Commission will be given enormous power to implement burdensome financial sanctions on countries which do not adopt such painful measures. […]

Call for a just transition movement in Europe

System change, pills not climate change! A just transition towards a good life for all European Social Forum, Istanbul, 4 July 2010 The newspapers may speak of financial and economic crises, but when we look around ourselves, we don’t see derivates and financial markets – what we see is the destruction of communities, of our […]

CALL TO ACTION: Regulate Global Finance Now!

“Forum Social Europe – European Network of Trade Unionists” (FSE) met in Brussels on 9-10 June to discuss the political and social consequences of the economic crisis in Europe and the need for trade unions and other social forces to respond. The meeting heard reports from a number of countries, among them Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, […]

Statement of the “Forum Social Europe–European Network of Trade Unionists”

Covernote of the “European Food declaration” We are a broad range of organisations -see list in “who are we”- – who are concerned with the future of food and agriculture in Europe. As in other regions in the world, approved the number of people and organizations that are working towards a fairer, more inclusive and […]

A EUROPEAN APPEAL: The peoples or the Financial markets? The governments and the E.U. must choose!

The Saarc (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) summit will be over by the time these lines appear in print. But we can say that it was another attempt to scale the mountain of difficulties. The 15th people’s Saarc meeting was held in Delhi recently to impress upon the participants of the official Saarc summit […]

Spring Alliance Manifesto

Watch online the video recording from the International Conference of Governments and Social Movements “Regional Integration: an opportunity to face the crises” held 21-22 July 2009 in Paraguay. The Conference was organised as a series of round tables for dialogue bringing together parliamentarians, governments and civil society representatives from Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe. […]

Euromemorandum Group: Democratic transformation of European finance, a full employment regime, and ecological restructoring – Alternatives to finance-driven capitalism

Aug 16 2009 Jason Tockman The first time Mario Terán faced a doctor from Cuba, he killed him. He heard Che Guevara utter his famous last words: “Shoot, coward; you are only going to kill a man,” and in October of 1967, in a small schoolhouse in rural Bolivia, Sergeant Terán fired a round of […]